Zach’s Story

On a hot summer day, Zach had just finished running sprints with his high school football team when he collapsed. Zach was taken to Golisano Children’s Hospital where they diagnosed him with a core temperature of 107 degrees, exertional heat stroke, devastating internal injuries, and coma. He was moved to Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami six days later for more specialized care. Zach’s condition continued to worsen, and he was removed from life support eleven days after he collapsed.

Zach’s death, and other Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS) injuries and deaths, are an unnecessary result of a lack of awareness of the signs & symptoms of EHS and little knowledge on the topic of prevention and treatment. Cold Water Immersion of the torso in ice and water has a 100% rate of survival when used promptly, on-site and before EMS transport. COOL 1ST, TRANSPORT 2ND.

According to Dr. Doug Casa of the University of Connecticut, Korey Stringer Institute, and national leader in heat stroke prevention, “If you cool someone right away, on site, they don’t die – period.” This is the reason for starting Zach Martin Memorial Foundation & Heat Stroke Prevention. No one should ever lose a loved one to Exertional Heat Stroke – period. #StopEHS #EHS #CWI #BigZach #72 #ZachStrong #SaveOurGentleGiants #BEHIP #ZachsLegacy #NotOneMore